My background is dance. As a young girl I was at the dance academy Nel Roos. I danced seven days a week. I danced for television programs in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Here it was mostly Top Pop and the Willem Ruys Shows. Through dance I was asked for a fashion show, and so I rolled into the modeling business. At the age of 17 I did runway shows for the dutch designers; Max Heijmans, Edgar Vos, Fong Leng, Monique Collignon, and others. On my 20th I was invited to participate in the Miss Holland pageant. A world that I totally did not know and to my great surprise, I became Miss Holland 1984. I was also a finalist in both the Miss Universe and Miss World pageant. At the Miss World contest was the American designer Oleg Cassini. He flew me into New York where I worked for almost 10 years for him. I kept flying back and forth between Amsterdam and New York City. At the beginning of my 30th I went looking for more. I rounded off an aroma therapy training, became a Reiki Master. But I missed working with my body. I kept looking and came back on my yoga path. As a teenager I went once with my mom to her yogaclass. Then I found it slow. As a young dancer I was used to work my body realy hard. Years later I attended a yoga class in New York and that I understood. It was like dancing, a warming-up, more activity, and then cooling down. So at the beginning of my 30th I started following teacher trainer programs.  It began at the Yoga Academy Netherlands at the same time, Power yoga at Yoga Moves, and kidsyoga with Jip and Yan.  I went twice to Rishikesh, India where I in the ashram from Swami Rama of the Himalayan Tradition. A couple of years ago I followed a Anusara workshop and found my path. I took workshops and teacher trainings from; John Friend, Shiva Rea, Larry Schultz, Amy Ippoliti, Mark With Well, Mukunda Stiles, David Lurey, Jayendra, Hillary Brown, Katiza, Kenny Graham and many others. My love for yoga is so great that I want to keep learning. Learn to be a better woman. A better mother, daughter, sister, friend and teacher. And yoga, yoga helps me with this. Through yoga, I am in my own strength. I feel stronger and calmer at the same time.

More than anything else, I believe it's our Decisions, not the conditions of our lives That determining our destiny. Anthony Robbins