"Nancy’s classes soon become the highlight of your day. She is a sweet, caring and knowledgeable teacher, whose kindness is only equaled by her beauty.
Whether she is teaching a slow-paced, meditative Hatha yoga class or a dynamic, high-energy Ashtanga class, her undivided attention is aimed at her students and their well-being.She patiently guides everyone through postures and sequences and will immediately sense when someone has a problem and will adapt her lesson to take that into consideration.
Her lessons are always challenging without becoming overwhelming and will help you improve in every aspect – physical, spiritual, emotional."



I find the yoga classes of Nancy very pleasant and relaxing. Everything is clearly explained and both the mental and physical aspects of yoga are discussed. There is always a nice soft atmosphere in the classes while still working hard "


In my busy life, yoga has become a way of life !
It helps me to align my mind and body  , relaxes and in particular it rejuvenates me. Nancy is the one who helps you to free yourself from the daily issues during her class. She helps you to come to yourself, blockages disappear, and above all you get physically stronger. And so much more what I currently can't think of.

But what I know for sure ..... Nancy is a treasure!

With love,